What is the Disc-Lock Washer?

The Disc-Lock Washer harnesses Disc-Lock’s wedge-locking system to prevent bolt loosening and maintain joint integrity. It outperforms all other types of loose, washered, threaded or pinned systems, in a wide range of high stress, corrosive and vibration sensitive applications.

Unlike conventional washers, the Disc-Lock product consists of two preassembled washer-shaped pieces with inclined cams on one side and a series of ridges on the other. On installation, the two cam sides are mated together and placed between the nut and the joint material.

Under vibration, the nut will attempt to rotate loose but the interlocking cams and non-slip ridges of the Disc-Lock Washer work together to create a jamming effect.

Key features:

Disc-Lock Washer

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Choice of materials to suit application
  • Coated with Delta-Protekt®
  • Each lot is micro-hardness tested after heat treatment
  • Can be used with up to class 10.9 bolts

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Further technical information on the Disc-Lock Washer can be found below.

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