Keeping the global economy afloat

The marine industry is a significant contributor to the global economy and operates in four key areas: naval, commercial, leisure and offshore renewable energy.

Around 90% of international trade is seaborne with countries importing and exporting their raw materials and manufactured goods all around the world.

Due to competitive freight costs and increasing demand, the multi-million-pound industry continues to grow, with more ships sailing the world’s oceans than ever before.

Whether carrying passengers or goods, involved in defence or research and other marine operations, ships need to be kept running, often in difficult conditions.

Disc-Lock products provide a vibration-proof solution to fastening applications in the marine industry where loose bolts are an issue, including bolted joints and moving parts such as cable laying equipment.

The harsh saltwater environment is also no problem as Disc-Lock products feature an environmentally-friendly coating called Greenkote®, which provides superb corrosion protection.

From huge cargo ships and tankers to passenger liners and yachts, Disc-Lock offers the ideal fastening solution that remains fully secure.

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Greenkote® anti-corrosion protection

Disc-Lock Europe’s Safety Wheel Nuts and HRD Loc-Nuts are coated in an environmentally friendly process called Greenkote®, which is comparable to galvanising, although it is harder wearing and readily accepts all paint systems. Learn more about Greenkote.